Bayon was built by the reign of the famous king JayavarmanVII in the late 12th century to early 13th century. Bayon is a heart of Angkor Thom capital city. It is a Buddhist temple and it was the last mountain temple in Khmer Arts and consecrated to the Buddhist cult. Bayon Temple is very great … Read more

Getting Around the Temple

Travel Transport There are a few tips to help making your tour to the temples easy and enjoyable. Tuk-Tuk The most of the tourist, they have chosen Tuk-Tuk to the temple, it is popular of transportation in the town and around the temple and A Tuk-Tuk will cost you around $13-$16 per day, tuk-tuk will … Read more

Monks In Cambodia

The monk is the disciple that belong to Buddhism, play importantly in Cambodia’s society since Khmer ancient period due to his power and he has prestige over Cambodian daily life for behavior, opinion and implement of living also. Nowadays we can see many monks in Cambodia is joining to help developing by teaching in the … Read more