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My name is Ly Heng Hoeurng. I am from Battam Bang, Cambodia. I am in my year third at University of South East Asia, Siem Reap, where I am studying Hotel and Hospitality Management.

I was born in a small village called Beong Pring, Battam Bang. Beong Pring is located about 50 kilometers north of the Battam Bang city.

I spent my first 14 years of life in Beong Pring, Battam Bang before moving to Siem Reap in August 2008 with my brothers. I started going to Hun Sen Siem Reap High School and I graduated in 2012.

I have attended University of South East Asia since September, 2012. At the University of South East Asia, I am focusing on achieving my goals, which include learning the English language, participating in extracurricular activities, and doing well in all my classes. In my first year at university, I started working at Firefly Guesthouse as a receptionist. This job helps support my studies and living expenses while at school, and it also teaches me valuable skills.

I want to become a sales manager of a travel agency or a tour guide, so technical communication and English are the most important skills I’m working on achieving for these professions. As a sales manager at a travel agency, my primary goals will be to manage marketing, make sales promotions, and work in public relations. As a tour guide, I would want to interact with English- and German-speaking guests in a historical or cultural setting.

I have achieved many different goals in life. Some of my achievements are bigger than the others, which has given me greater satisfaction. The top five achievements that gave me the greatest personal satisfaction includes:

1. Going to college
2. Being an out standing student of the semester in my class
3. Getting my first job
4. Improving my English
5. Getting my social life experience
My achievements have helped me to get ahead in life.