Angkor Sangkran Siem Reap 2015

The Angkor Sangkran celebration Khmer New Year will  be in Siem Reap again this year, 2015. This is a second year of the Angkor Sangkran will be celebrated, but anyways, this year it will be bigger, more interesting  and greater than last year.

Angkor Sangkran celebrates from 14th to 16th of April during Khmer New Year, at  the end of the harvesting season when farmers enjoy their harvesting fruits rices and crops before the rainy season comes.

The Angkor Sangkran celebration will be  in front of Angkor Wat temple, Terrace of Elephant, Bayon Temple, Angkor Gyeongju 60th road, along the Siem Reap River and Pub Street. This year, the celebration of Angkor Sangkran is added 3 more places to hold for product exhibitions, concert and activities of traditional Khmer culture such as traditional Games and Dancing.

The events of Angkor Sangkran this year, it is very different from last year such as Giant Khmer Sticky rice cake, products exhibition, concerts, cow cart racing, Art Performing,  Line dancing Madison, Khmer traditional Games and Khmer traditional dancing.

More ever, the Giant Khmer Sticky rice this year, it will be more bigger than last year, it is 3200Kg ( 3.2 tons) and its length 5 meters and  1 meter width. It will be in front of Terrace of Elephants on 13th of April and it is free for visitors to taste it.

Actually, handmade and commercial goods exhibitions, Khmer tradition dancing and games, Cow cart racing and other Khmer culture activities will be in front of Angkor Wat. Giant Khmer Sticky rice cake, Food exhibitions will be in front of Bayon Temple and Terrace of Elephants, Goods and other products exhibition, concert will be in Angkor Gyeongju area and pub street.

3rd Angkor Sankranta 2015 (Khmer New Year)!Activities during Angkor Sankranta 2015.

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Visitors will be able to join playing in traditional Khmer games, such as Bos Angkunh (seed throwing), Teanh Prat (Rope Pulling),  Choul Chhoung (scarf throwing),  Kleng Chab Kon Mann, and Leak Kanséng (scarf hiding). Visitors will also be able to dance together to traditional Khmer songs such Rom Vung, Rom Lum Liev etc. .

This year, the  Angkor Sangkran will show the young Cambodian generation to understand the Khmer traditional culture and the progress of Khmer history since the Khmer Angkor empire period until today.

This year , There will be more than 3,000 Cambodian youths, actors and actresses performing such as Khmer traditional culture, Khmer Angkor Empire history, Traditional Games and dancing to welcome and participate the local and international tourists during the Khmer New Year day. This year, it will be attractive so much to  visitors and expected to increase to Half million visitors to  Angkor Sangkran 2015.

The Angkor Sangkran celebration is preparing by Siem Reap provincial authorities, the Apsara Authority Tourism Ministry, Ministry of commerce,  Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.



Apsara facebook page and MR. Phoeun Kemly (Working at Ministry of commerce)
Main photo on top: My friend Chetra Eab

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