About me

Ly Heng is an ambition people and , now he reach his dream about to study at university. Ly Heng is a student year third of university south east Asia, he is studying Hospitality and Tourism management.

Ly Heng is talking about his life struggles in his childhood ” I heard my parent said that a few days after I was born they had to work so hard for living. In spite of life without comfortableness , we are still  happy. Ly Heng has his beloved parent who always worked hard for their son. Ly Heng’s parent try their best to support Ly Heng’s study and made this son become an outstanding student when he was studying at a primary school in Battam Bang province.

Ly Heng says, “At that time, there were only nine grades in the village I lived, and I got number one or two every month.” and i always get free class for English and extra class because i am an outstanding student.

When he was 7 or 8,  his parent moved to another place and left him with his aunt to study.  He never give up his study, even he was in difficult situation. After he finished grade 8th, Ly Heng has moved from his hometown to Siem Reap to continue his study.

Now, he is studying at college in Tourism management, he want to be a Tour Guide, Sale manager in Tour Agency. He always smile and never give up for his dream. He made his parents proud of him and