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Ly Heng is an ambition people and , now he reach his dream about to study at university. Ly Heng is a student year third of university south east Asia, he is studying Hospitality and Tourism management. Ly Heng is talking about his life struggles in his childhood ” I heard my parent said that a few … Read more


The  Apsaras  are graceful females and goddess which were born in the churning of the ocean of milk, the story was about The gods and the giants were chuurning the ocean of the milk to get sacred water or Emerita water so when the gods and giants were churning the ocean of milk, thousand  of … Read more


Bayon was built by the reign of the famous king JayavarmanVII in the late 12th century to early 13th century. Bayon is a heart of Angkor Thom capital city. It is a Buddhist temple and it was the last mountain temple in Khmer Arts and consecrated to the Buddhist cult. Bayon Temple is very great … Read more